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안녕하세요 Moien Bonjour Hallo !

“King Sejong Institute” is a brand name for Korean language and culture education institutions managed by the Ministry of Culture, sports, and tourism of the Republic of Korea.

First launched in 2007, KSIs have been promoting Korean language and culture in 234 places in 82 countries around the world. 

In 2022, the South Korean government elected 23 new KSIs in 19 countries. We, Maison de la Culture Coréenne au Luxembourg, are happy and proud to be selected to establish the new King Sejong Institute Luxembourg.  

Our aim is to help non-native Korean speakers realize their dream of speaking Korean language, and provide them with opportunities to enjoy Korean cultural experiences that are authentic and diverse.

"King Sejong Institute Luxembourg is a place where people who share an interest in Korea and its language can meet and get to know each other."


1. At the KSIs, professional lecturers teach Korean based on a standardized curriculum, which makes it much easier for students to learn.

2. All our lecturers are native speakers of Korean, and certified and experienced teachers.

3. We focus on creating an engaging class environment through multimedia material and fun activities.


1. Government recognized King Sejong Institute Foundation’s certificates on completion.

2. Opportunity to apply for King Sejong Scholarship which supports University fees and living costs.

3 Diverse cultural activities and workshops, such as Korean art, Korean cooking.

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